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I'm Back!!

2008-01-13 22:24:54 by mastergurosp

Well the daunting task of making a new profile sucked so I'm just going to live with this username. For now..

I'm quiting NG!!!

2008-01-06 12:17:48 by mastergurosp

Only to come back on another account!! From now on I will be using FrankyG as my main and I will probably never use this account again.

Add meh

2008-01-05 00:23:41 by mastergurosp

So I finally got a AIM. My username is mastergurosp (who would of guessed). So add me pl0x.

Banned (again)

2008-01-04 22:38:13 by mastergurosp

I got banned because some prick bumped a topic and I posted in it without looking to see that the date of the thread was from '01. Piss-poor job mods.

I "quit" The kk

2008-01-03 17:32:40 by mastergurosp

Yes I'm quiting the kitty krew. Although I was never really validated I would of been due to the spam of "yes's" and hentia porn. But after browsing through the forums I realized I wasn't going to stoop to that level. Maybe if the kitty krew would grow up and get some maturity I might consider. But for now I'll just continue to browse the newgrounds forums.


2008-01-02 16:06:20 by mastergurosp


I got Banned : [

2007-12-30 16:21:06 by mastergurosp

Comfort me.


2007-12-30 03:15:32 by mastergurosp

Post random shit below.


2007-12-29 01:31:30 by mastergurosp

So I have decided to join the kitty krew. Flame me below.



2007-12-28 13:21:39 by mastergurosp

I hate it.